Name Change

This is an exciting time for our church! 2 years in the making and it is FINALLY here!

Click here to listen to Pastor Jeff's explanation of the new name!


Over the last few years we've recognized as Harvest Bible Chapel that there is increasingly more challenges living in the Midwest with the word "Harvest" in your name. There are many other churches and business that also use that name and as a result many instances of confusion.

Over the last few years we've sold our building, become portable, and are currently building our new building on 159th and Ridgeview! These are exciting times!! We also felt as a church with the transition into a new season for our church that it was time to break away from the word and association with Harvest and start fresh with a new name and identity.

We know that ultimate our identity rest in the name of Christ who is the head of the church and the reason that we gather so we wanted to choose a name that would point us vertical to Christ and to becoming more like Him!

So we came up with the name "Ascend Church"...Initially the name was suggested out of a love for Psalm 24:1-2...and then it began to grow into something so much more. We wanted to communicate our love for discipleship in our church and our heart to see Lost People Saved, Saved People, Matured, and Matured people multiplied...all the the glory of God. We recognized that the Christian life of discipleship is ascending through Christ's power to Christ's likeness, and then ultimately to be with Him in heaven one day worshiping for all eternity!


We wanted something clean, bold and modern that could stand the test of time, but we also wanted there to be an intentionality with the logo. A logo that could be a conversation starter and even an evangelistic tool!

We wanted people to see that the journey upward has to be through the cross of Jesus Christ. We wanted people to see that there are 3 mountains in the logo. 1 being the Christian. 2. being the church showing that this is a community ascent. We weren't meant to journey alone! 3 of course is Christ...we do all of these things under the headship of Christ and His likeness is the ultimate pursuit of our ascent!

Below you can see a few visual representations of the intentionality behind our new logo!